Enamelling Die System

The Enameling Die System helps consistently make an accurate and even enamel coating thickness, thereby both simultaneously improving insulation capacity and reducing enamel expenditure. 

The minimum configuration of the Enameling Die System is one software Supervisor and one Electro-Optical Frame.The EO-Frame CU11, covering die diameters from 0.02 to 7.0 mm, can be equipped with both the Diameter and Offangle Supervisor and the Profile Supervisor, while CU4 can only be equipped with the Diameter and Offangle Supervisor.

The available Software Supervisors and Hardware EO-Frames for this system is listed below. 
Please contact Conoptica to learn more about the combination that most effectively meet your needs.
 Software Supervisors:
 Hardware ElectroOptical Frames:
 Diameter and Offangle
 CU11 (Dies Ø7.000 - 0.020 mm)
 CU4  (Dies Ø8.000 - 0.020 mm)
 ADFS (Automatic Die Feeding and Sorting)