Optical Sensor Products

Optical sensors are created to bring camera based measurement functions into machine tools. They are designed to handle the though environment of machine tools while at the same time delivering excellent and reliable results to the CNC control system.


CU2Tool_brochure W35-2

CU2 Tool

CU2 Tool is permanently mounted inside a milling machine. It measures length, radius, and geometry of rotating milling tools. It reliably copes with oil and chips on the milling tool and returns data not affected by that contamination. CU2 Tool is controlled by the machine computer numerical control (CNC) through simple measurement cycles.

CU2 Track

CU2 Track is fastened to the spindle of a machine tool, like a milling machine or an electrical discharge machine. The sensor head is connected to the computer with cables. CU2 Track measures work piece alignment, XYZ-position, and geometry. The machine computer numerical control (CNC) communicates directly with CU2 Track by means of simple measurement cycles. CU2 Track and CU2 Work have comparable measurement functions.