Optical System Products

Optical Turn-Key Measurement Systems


Drawing Die System

The Drawing Die System helps increase wire production volume, and improve wire quality and production efficiency by automatically measuring the inner profile and geometry of drawing die holes.

Shaped Die System

The Shaped Die System optically measures both the view shape and the depth profile of the inner die, and the wire or rod that is produced by this die.

Enameling Die System

The Enameling Die System helps consistently making an accurate and even enamel coating thickness on round wires  thereby improving insulation capacity and reducing enamel expenditure and pollution. This is obtained by automatically orienting and measuring the die inner hole.


Shaped Wire, Rod and Bar System

The Shaped Wire and Rod System improves Wire, Rod or Bar production, quality, documentation, and production efficiency by optically measuring either their cross sectional or 360 degree circumferential geometry. 

Tube System

The Tube System is a versatile production and quality control measurement mean that can measure the Diameter and Profile data of round dies, the Shaped view geometry and depth profiles of Shaped Dies, the view geometry of shaped tubes, and distance, angles, and radii of curvature of drawing plugs.