Profile Supervisor

The Profile Supervisor is tailor made to measure the inner round hole geometrical parameters diameter, ovality,  bearing length and reduction cone angle, and display profile graphs.

The operator fastens the object to a holder, coarsely focuses the image, and then starts an automatic measurement.  A measurement of all parameters takes about 1 minute to complete. Measurements of only the diameter and ovality takes from 2 to 8 s depending on the actual settings. The primary measurement results are displayed in the Measurement Panel.
 Part of 
 Compatible ElectroOptical Frames
 Drawing Die System
 CU20 Dies Ø54.00 - 0.800 mm
 Tube System
 CU11 Dies Ø7.000 - 0.020 mm
 CU6   Dies Ø7.000 - 0.020 mm
 Works well together with     
 Wire, Pin and Needle Supervisor