Shaped Die System

The Shaped Die System optically measures both the shape and the depth profile of the inner die. That will help the die making companies to both improve quality and save cost through a combination of early testing and accurate control. It will also help the wire, rod, or bar drawing companies to both improve and maintain an accurate geometry, and at the same time be cost effective on the material expenditure. This is obtained by use of the systems fast and accurate optical 3D(imensional) true shape and profile measuring technique.

The minimum configuration of the Shaped Die System is one software Supervisor and one Electro-Optical Frame.The EO-Frames CU4 and CU11 cover die hole sizes from 0.04 to 8.0 mm and from 0.07 to 7.0 mm respectively. The EO-Frame CU 20 covers die hole sizes from 0.8 to 54.0 mm. Each of these EO-Frames can be equipped with one, or both, of the Shaped Die, Wire and Rod Superviser and the Wire and Rod Rotation Superviser.

The available Software Supervisors and Hardware EO-Frames for this system is listed below. 
Please contact Conoptica to learn more about the combination that most effectively meet your needs.