Flexible CaliperA

Flexible Caliper

Shaped Die, Wire and Rod

The Flexible Caliper Supervisor is a general purpose software that gives access to flexible measurement line segments, the Nominal Caliper, that can be customized by the operator. 

During the automatic measurement sequence these lines are fine-tuned to fit the actual image producing the Measurement Caliper, and the measurement parameters like: distances, angles, positions, curvatures, etc. are read from user pre-defined positions on these lines.

 Part of 
 Compatible ElectroOptical Frames
 Shaped Die System
 CU20 Dies Ø54.00 - 0.800 mm
 Tube System
 CU11 Dies Ø7.000 - 0.070 mm
Works well together with:   
Shaped Wire, Rod and Bar System