Software Supervisors:

Profile Supervisor

Profile Supervisor
is tailor made to measure the inner round hole geometrical parameters diameter, ovality,  bearing length and reduction cone angle, and display profile graphs.
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Diameter and Ovality Supervisor

The Diameter and Ovality Supervisor
is especially designed to measure the diameter and ovality of round holes.

Cylinder and Cone Supervisor

The Cylinder and Cone Supervisor
is especially designed to measure round wires, rods, needles, and pins.

Flexible Caliper Supervisor

The Flexible Caliper Supervisor
is a general purpose software that gives access to flexible measurement line segments, the Nominal Caliper, that can be customized by the operator.

During the automatic measurement sequence these lines are fine-tuned to fit the actual image producing the Measurement Caliper, and the measurement parameters like: distances, angles, positions, curvatures, etc. are read from user pre-defined positions on these lines.

Constant Section Rotation Supervisor

The Constant Section Rotation Supervisor
is designed to measure the geometry of shaped wires, rods, and similar objects, by rotating them 180 and observing the full 360 degree circumference.