Tube System

This System is specialized in measuring the 2D or 3D geometry of shaped dies and the 2D geometry of shaped tubes and plugs.·         

The Shaped Die Plug&Tube Supervisor measures either the die or the corresponding plug and tube geometry. On the die it also measures key parameters such as the bearing length, blending radius, and reduction cone angle. The measurements on the tube are taken from a cut sample, typically some mm long. 

This Supervisor has teach-in capabilities enabling it to measure a range of complicated geometries. It also contains a number of advanced editing, display, and documentation features.         

The Die Diameter&Ovality Supervisor is fast and designed to meet low cost die production and recutting needs by measuring diameter, ovality, and meeting point data. ·         

The Die Profile Supervisor is specialized for round holes, it orients the die and measures a full inner profile graph with all the inner die parameters such as: diameter, ovality, bearing length, reduction cone angle, symmetry angles.

The available Software Supervisors and Hardware EO-Frames for this system are listed below. 
Please contact Conoptica to learn more about the combination that most effectively meet your needs.