Wire and cable industry

The Conoptica systems perform optical production and quality control of tools and products in the wire and cable industry such as:
  • wire drawing dies,
  • shaped wire and rod drawing dies,
  • enameling dies,
  • tubes,
  • wire, rod, and bars,
  • plug, pin, and needles,
  • cable insulation,
  • ................
These systems contribute to major earnings for the tool makers and wire drawing companies by obtaining:

  • reduced wire/rod breakages and production halts,
  • increased drawing speed,
  • reduced tool cost,
  • increased tool life,
  • fewer "bad" tools going to the drawing machines,
  • less tools on stock necessary,
  • low cost high accuracy sample control instead of multiple lower accuracy in-line control,
  • less operator skill/cost required,
  • less time spent on tool ordering and negotiations,
  • .................