Shaped Wire, Rod and Bar System

The WireRod&Bar System helps improve WireRod&Bar production, quality, documentation, and production efficiency. This is obtained by sample testing and use of the systems fast and accurate true profile/shape measuring technique unmatched by any other techniques in the wire and cable community.

The minimum configuration of the WireRod&Bar System is one software Supervisor and one ElectroOptical Frame. The system can be equipped with the Constant Section Rotation Supervisor, in combination with either the ElectroOptical Frames CU4, CU6, CU11 diameter from 0.01 mm (0.0004") to 7.0 mm (0.2756") or CU20 diameter from 1.2 mm (0.0472") to 56 mm (2.2").

This system rotates the object (wire, rod, or bar) ultra-precisely around its own axis while observing a series of video images. This makes it possible to find the true object profile without having to actually make a prepared cross section object cut.

The available Software Supervisors and Hardware EO-Frames for this system are listed below. 
Please contact Conoptica to learn more about the combination that most effectively meet your needs.