We’re off to Wire China – join us!

The Conoptica team will soon be attending Wire China 2023 in Shanghai – from 4-7 September – so we thought now would be a good time to have a quick look into the event and the Chinese wire market.

Wire China is a big show. It’s grown in recent years to become one of the key trade fairs for wire and cable industry in Asia. Run over a full four-days, the most influential decision-makers and leaders in the field will assemble to view and understand the latest state-of-the-art equipment, technologies, and solutions. If you’re a leader in any aspect of the wire and cable trade, likely you’re going to want to be there.

In the world of wire, China is big news

The event is particularly important because the wire and cable industry in China is one of the largest and most significant globally. China is a key player in the production and export of almost all kinds of wires and cables, meeting a substantial share of global demand for these products – indeed, it’s our largest market and we’re thrilled to be back at this leading event. A quick survey of the facts and it’s easy to see why.

The wire and cable industry in China has experienced significant growth in the past few years, accelerated by the rapid expansion of the country’s domestic infrastructure and construction sectors both of which are heavy consumers of such products. Plus, increasing demand for electricity and power transmission has also contributed to fueling the boom.

Why the success?

Fortunately (given this demand), China has vast production capacity for wires and cables with numerous domestic large-scale manufacturers. Generally, these larger companies are equipped with the sort of advanced technology and modern production facilities needed to meet both domestic and international requirements. As a result, China is a major exporter of wires and cables.

Competitive pricing and the ability to produce a wide range of products has enabled the country to win a significant share of the global market but the country’s success doesn’t lie in exports alone. Domestic wire consumption is also booming. The growth of China’s urbanization and industrialization is the reason here, spurring increasing demand for electrical power, telecommunication, and construction-related wires and cables.

To underline its importance in infrastructure development and modernization, the Chinese government has taken note and unsurprisingly provided support and incentives to the wire and cable industry, it has also taken steps to improve quality standards and regulatory oversight as well as working on improving environmental standards and encouraging sustainable practices.

In short, in the world of wire and cable, in China it’s all hands to the pump. A country at the forefront of the industry hosting a key event where domestic and international players – including Conoptica – will mix. In fact, we would like to invite you to join us for a live demonstration of our instruments at the event! This is a brilliant way for you to ask technical questions, get to know us, and see how our systems operate.

To book a meeting with our team at this key event, please click here.

About Conoptica

Conoptica has been providing high tech camera-based measurement solutions for the metal working industry since the 1993. We make sure that the metal working industry has access to key quantitative data about their products and tools. Conoptica is the market leader for measurement equipment in the wire & cable industry.