Conoptica Service and Support in the Age of Corona.

Service Engineer Chang Han calibrating a CU11S

Conoptica Service and Support has a long tradition. Our systems are manufactured to last 15-20 years, and we have built a service organization to support this. The traditional service offer has been on-site visits at the customers’ facilities to do preventive maintenance, repairs and upgrades. And perhaps most important of all: Calibration. With the Conoptica systems, traceable measurements became readily available for the complete die geometry. To confirm that traceability, periodic re-calibration is required. For practical purposes, 12 months has been chosen as the calibration cycle, and it has turned out that this is a good fit for most systems.


The present Covid-19 pandemic has made it impossible for us to visit our customers physically, but the need for our services is still the same. We have therefore developed new service and maintenance offers to provide our customers with the technical assistance they need in this challenging time.

In-house service at our facility in Norway.

Whether you need the annual preventive maintenance, a system repair or upgrade, or a renewed calibration certificate, our service team is ready to receive your system in our facility in Norway.

Customers can either arrange the shipment themselves, or Conoptica can arrange everything for a small fee.

What is included:

  • Regular annual preventive maintenance, including minor spare parts.
  • Repairs not including spare parts.
  • Full calibration of mechanics and optics.
  • Calibration Certificate with traceable accuracy specification.

Optional services:

  • Upgrades and extensions. If you need a new controller, or if your measurement needs have changed and you need an extra objective, this can be provided during an Inhouse Service.
  • Shipment support. If you don’t have the resources to arrange the shipment yourself, we are happy to do it for you.
  • Shipment crate. Is your Conoptica crate lost? Don’t worry, we have one for rent.

Remote System Check.

For customers who are unable to ship their Conoptica systems to us for in-house service, we have the possibility to provide some temporary relief with our Remote System Check.

The check will take 1 – 2 hours and requires the presence of an English-speaking operator by the system and an operational internet connection.

What is included:

  • A general health check of the system that can be checked remotely.
  • Adjustment of light intensity and available optical parameters.
  • Supervision of mechanical calibration and reference die measurement.
  • Remote Check Report with system status and recommendations for future work and service.


  • Available upon request within Norwegian business hours (8am – 4pm, CET).
  • Session length is limited to 3 hours. Longer sessions are subject to an extra fee.

Optional Services:

  • Sessions outside normal business hours are available for an extra fee.
  • Follow-up sessions at a reduced rate.

Other terms and conditions:

  • If the remote is interrupted by technical problems, Conoptica will offer 1 follow-up session at no extra charge.
  • If the Remote Check Report recommends a hands-on service (at this time in-house service only), and such service is ordered within 5 days after the issue date of the report, 50% of the remote fee will be discounted on the Service Invoice.

Note of Caution:

The Remote System Check should not be considered a substitute for a hands-on service. The remote can only address parameters adjustable in the system software. During normal service mechanical parts are also assessed, cleaned and adjusted to ensure optimal operation and minimal wear. This part can of course not be handled by the Remote Check. We recommend that all Conoptica Systems undergo annual preventive maintenance and calibration when at all possible.

Demo System Rental.

If you’re depending on the Conoptica system in your daily business, sending it in for maintenance and service can be difficult without harming the production. To help our customers, we are renting our demo units for the period of service and shipment. This way you can keep your production up during the period of shipment and maintenance.

Rent is calculated per day, shipment is charged separately.

Do you have special needs that don’t fit well with our standard products? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will find a solution to help you.

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