Other Applications

Software applications for special needs

The Conoptica systems are mainly used for measuring round or shaped Drawing Dies. In addition we offer some more specialized applications for our users with specific requirements

Enameling Die

Specially adapted to measure the typical geometry of enameling dies, this module is useful for accurate 2D and 3D measurements of such dies.


Wire, Pin & Needle

Fast and simple 2D measurement of wire samples, pins, needle angles etc. Useful for verification of grinding needle angles, sampling drawn wire and more.

X-Cut Section

For special applications, Conoptica offers the possibility to inspect cross-sections of various products, like shaped wire, rings, machined parts etc. This module is special in that it requires a special objective to be installed in the Conoptica measurement system. This objective is of type ‘Brightfield’, as opposed to the normal objectives used in the CU11/CU6/CU4 systems. (The CU20 uses Brightfield technology only.)



The WireRod&Bar System helps improve WireRod&Bar production, quality, documentation, and production efficiency. This is obtained by sample testing and use of the systems fast and accurate true profile/shape measuring technique unmatched by any other techniques in the wire and cable community.

HOW: Integration

The minimum configuration of the WireRod&Bar System is one software Supervisor and one ElectroOptical Frame. The system can be equipped with the Constant Section Rotation Supervisor, in combination with either the ElectroOptical Frames CU4, CU6, CU11 diameter from 0.01 mm (0.0004″) to 7.0 mm (0.2756″) or CU20 diameter from 1.2 mm (0.0472″) to 56 mm (2.2″).

Software Supervisor

Constant Section Rotation (LINK)

Hardware ElectroOptical Frames

CU20 (Wire Width 56.00 – 1.200 mm) LINK?
CU11 (Wire Width 7.000 – 0.010 mm) LINK?
CU6 (Wire Width 7.000 – 0.010 mm) LINK?
CU4 (Wire Width 7.000 – 0.010 mm) LINK?

Optical System Products

The Shaped Wire and Rod System improves Wire, Rod or Bar production, quality, documentation, and production efficiency by optically measuring either their cross sectional or 360 degree circumferential geometry. 

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