Wire South-East Asia: meet Conoptica in Bangkok, 20-22 September

If you weren’t already aware, Wire South-East Asia is the major annual trade fair for the region’s wire and cable industry and as such, it’s a great time to learn about the latest trends and developments in the field in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other local countries.  With that in mind, and by way of preparation, we thought it was worth looking ahead to some of the topics we expect might be discussed at the show.

First, we’ll doubtless learn about innovations in wire machinery and technology, an ever-present topic at all industry events. In the latter domain, the past few years have seen steady overseas investment in wire manufacturing within the SE Asia region with, inevitably, the adoption of many new technologies that drive improvements in both product quality and production performance.

Advances in wiring

Among the topics that might be discussed in this area are thus new types of wiring (for instance, the nanostructured wires used in sensors and medical devices and smart wires, used for various types of monitoring. Perhaps new, higher connectivity copper wiring using in the electronics industry too).

New wire composition and manufacturing techniques may also be to the fore, for instance we expect discussion around the use of the high-strength alloys becoming increasingly prevalent in industries like aerospace. Data driven manufacturing and advances in robotics may also appear on the discussion agenda.

At Conoptica, our cutting-edge measurement systems and their expanded footprint in the region contribute to product end quality in all the above subject areas. Wire accuracy and precision, both advanced by cutting-edge measurement products, are table stakes to realising general quality advancements. So, for us, Southeast Asia is a region rich with opportunity.


A second theme we anticipate being addressed, as the regional wire industry has modernized over recent years, is that the range of wires produced has broadened. Now, SE Asia is a hub for electrical wires, communications-industry cabling, automotive wires, construction wires, and many others.

Among these, the region’s automotive industry is particularly important, driving demand for a wide range of wires (and wire harnesses) that must meet strict quality standards. Again, there’s an obvious and important role for measurement systems to play here, which we’ll be discussing in Bangkok.

And it’s not just the automotive industry driving demand. Infrastructure development across the region has led to increased demand for construction wires in SE Asia, for example the steel wiring used in concrete structures. Again, there’s a standards compliance challenge here that when met helps address the competitive and reputational needs of wire manufacturers, with measurement systems playing an important role in both.

To give an example of one opportunity in the broader construction domain, the Southeast Asia data center construction market alone is forecast to be valued at $3,027 million by 2028, fueled by investment from telecoms operators who want to establish such facilities[1]. Within that, you can imagine the requirement for wiring will be considerable.

We would like to directly invite you to join us at the event in Bangkok! This is a great way for you to ask technical questions, get to know us, and see how our systems operate. You can also give us your views on any of the topics above, or others raised at the event.

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About Conoptica

Conoptica has been providing high tech camera-based measurement solutions for the metal working industry since the 1993. We make sure that the metal working industry has access to key quantitative data about their products and tools. Conoptica is the market leader for measurement equipment in the wire & cable industry.

[1] https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2023/02/08/2603805/28124/en/Southeast-Asia-Data-Center-Construction-Market-Outlook-Forecast-Report-2023-A-3-Billion-Industry-by-2028-The-Region-is-Witnessing-Edge-Data-Center-Investments-Across-Several-Cities.html