Workpiece measurement in machine tools

Industrial parts begin the manufacturing process as “workpieces” and, using various machine tools, for example cutting instruments like milling machines, they are made into the finished component. Every step of the process including the tools, the workpiece, and the product must meet exacting specifications. Among the requirements necessary for these to be reached, an exceptional...
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Manufacturing “shape shifting” wires from nickel and titanium alloys – like Nitinol? How can you measure the complex drawing dies this requires?

As you might imagine, the field of metallurgy isn’t static. Over time, new alloys are discovered and many soon find a role in manufacturing of one kind or another. We’re going to focus on one example of this in this blog. It’s particularly relevant to the wire manufacturing industry: Nitinol – an alloy of nickel...
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Why do we need to measure wire drawing dies?

Why is it important to accurately measure wire drawing dies? In this question accuracy, perhaps not unexpectedly, is the key word. Wire drawing dies must meet rigorous standards of accuracy in order to manufacture wire that meets its required specifications – regardless of whether that is for a high-precision function or for wire used in...
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Wire China 2024 – 25 – 28 September 2024

The Conoptica team are attending Wire China 2024 in Shanghai from 25 – 28 September. We would like to invite you to join us for a live demonstration of our instruments! This is a brilliant way for you to ask technical questions, get to know us, and see how our systems operate. Send us a...
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Camera-based machine tool measurement systems

While in the headline above we use the term “machine tool” in a general sense, accuracy (as we’ll discover!) matters in this subject so it’s worth reminding ourselves that these tools come in a variety of guises, each suited to a specific manufacturing technique. The techniques include shaping, cutting, drilling, grinding and others, all of...
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Measuring wire drawing dies

In this two-part blog series, we’re going to examine wire drawing dies in some detail. In this, part 1, we’ll look at measuring wire drawing dies, why accuracy is so important, and what’s the best way to go about measuring them. In the part 2, we’ll address the question of why they need to be...
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Milling machines. Common problems, measurement solutions

Having familiarized ourselves with milling machines, understanding how they work and the roles they perform, let’s look at the sort of problems that can occur during their operation. If you’re a manufacturer reliant on milling machines, being aware of these will put you in position to head off issues. Doing so is vital to maintaining...
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Jean Paul Franky Friquin

Building support to service the world – meet Franky, global service manager for our wire and cable measurement solutions

By providing the crucial link between labs, production and our customers in the field, Franky brings unique insights to Conoptica – helping us to enhance our measurement solutions for the wire and cable industry and benefiting from the practical experience of our user community. Franky is well-known to most of our customers because he’s the...
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Machine tool optical measurement

The market for machine tools is booming. Which means the question of accurate measurement is more important than ever.

In a great many ways modern industry relies on machine tools. They’re the backbone of most of the efficiency and productivity gains that the world has experienced since the industrial revolution. So perhaps it should be no surprise that presently the market for machine tools is booming, with companies across vertical industries searching for innovative...
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