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Wire drawing: assuring accuracy of your drawing dies

In industrial scale wire production, hundreds if not thousands of drawing dies can be in use continually and simultaneously. For precision manufacturing, accuracy is key. So, it’s worth taking a closer look at factors that can reduce accuracy and how you can maintain quality through accurate measurement of your drawing dies, as we’ll do in...
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Zenkoh visit

South Korea wired! A market opportunity and a rewarding partnership

A recent visit to Conoptica headquarters from Zenkoh, a key regional partner, yielded interesting insights into one of our leading overseas markets – and sets the stage for our growing collaboration, bringing our drawing die measurement tools to even more companies in Korea. Although in common with many developed market economies South Korea presently finds...
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When the lab meets reality, part 2

So, last time we looked at some of the issues you face when taking measurements outside the machine. Now, let’s see what happens when you do the same thing, but from inside. If you’re thinking this will be easier, you’d be wrong. Up to a point, the good news is that things do get better....
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When lab meets reality

When the lab meets reality

The machine tool vertical is a good example of the latter – an industry where accuracy is critical to assuring performance – because there really isn’t (no matter how small) any margin for error. But before we look in more detail, let’s remind ourselves that there are plenty of examples of inaccuracy in our daily...
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When lab meets reality

CU20 Upgrade Campaign – New Goliath, Re-aligned Optics

Is your old Goliath worn and tired after many years of use? Now we’re running a CU20 upgrade campaign to keep your system running for many more years. The optics of the CU20 is a complex mix of fixed and movable lenses, lights and mirrors. The past year much work has been done to gain...
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CU10 and CU5 owners: Big Trade-in campaign!

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