Wire & Cable Service Packages

Packages for Wire & Cable products

We offer two service packages for your Wire and Cable die measurement tools, allowing you to maximize performance and protect your investments so you continue to obtain the accuracy you require.

A 30% discount is available if you choose one of our two new service options within 13 months of the most recent inspection and recalibration.

Our new service packages are optional, giving you flexibility as well as peace of mind.


What's included?

We take care of adjustments to light settings as well as calibration of field, optical and mechanical calibrations to keep your Conoptica tools performing at their best.

Full service

What's included?

In addition to a full calibration of your Conoptica tools, we provide cleaning and re-lubrication of mechanical parts and dust removal from mirror and optical elements. We will also replace any parts that are defective.

Servicing to maintain accuracy

Through extended use, the accuracy of our Wire and Cable die measurement tools can be reduced, even by a few μm (microns). Regular maintenance and servicing are important, so that you can ensure you continue to obtain the accuracy you expect from our solutions.

Cost-effective and flexible

All customers benefit from 12-months warranty. This can be extended easily and cost-effectively. To help you ensure reliable and accurate operation of your Conoptica system, we offer two key maintenance and service packages – full service, or calibration.

Ensure precision for your drawing dies

The new Conoptica calibration service packages apply to all units <10 years old. The full service option applies to all systems, except for the CP1000.

  • Optional – for new Conoptica equipment
  • Flexible – if you want a recalibration or full service within 13 months of the most recent inspection and calibration, we’ll give you a 30% discount
  • Practical – choose the service intervals that suit your business and the intensity with which you use our tools, or the precision and accuracy guarantees you make to your customers


All new Conoptica systems are calibrated so that their measurements conform to and are traceable to an internationally acknowledged standardization institute – the PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) of Germany.


All mechanical systems will break down – something that can happen sooner if they are not adequately maintained. Regular servicing extends the time between incidents – and it will also help in predicting which parts are likely to fail in the future.

system life

A Conoptica Wire and Cable measurement system can last for more than 20 years, if it is well maintained. Regular servicing will protect your device and extend its life, so that you can maximize the return from your investment.

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