Measurement tool for larger casings and diameters

CU20 is the option for drawing dies with larger casings and larger diameters. With a casing capacity up to 160 mm and 10 kg nearly every drawing die in the industry can be measured. The diameter measurement range is up to 54 mm, again covering almost all drawing dies normally used. With the CU20 you can measure your drawing die diameter, ovality, reduction cone, and bearing length.


Drawing Die Profile
Enables complete geometry measurement of round drawing dies. The module offers the following measurement modes:

– Single Profile – Bearing Axis:
For measuring single profiles related to the die bearing.

– Single Profile – Casing Axis:
For measuring single profiles related to the die casing.

– Diameter – Casing Axis:
For measuring diameter and ovality only (no 3D data)

An Application Note is available upon request for more detailed description of the different measurement modes.

Drawing Die Diameter & Ovality
This module is a simplified version of the Drawing Die Profile. It will only provide diameter and ovality measurements, and is intended for systems without rotating axis.

Shaped Die Profile
The fully flexible module for measuring none-round drawing dies. Includes a model generator to enable measuring a large number of parameters on drawing dies of nearly any geometry. The model generator accepts CAD drawings to enable faster creation of new measurement models. Both 2D cross-section as well as 3D profile measurements can be measured. Profiles can be measured arbitrarily anywhere on the shaped die.

Shaped Die Cross-Section
This module is a simplified version of the Shaped Die Profile. It will only provide 2D measurements, and is intended for systems without dual rotating axis.

Enameling Die
Specially adapted to measure the typical geometry of enameling dies, this module is useful for accurate 2D and 3D measurements of such dies.

Wire, Pin & Needle
Fast and simple 2D measurement of wire samples, pins, needle angles etc. Useful for verification of grinding needle angles, sampling drawn wire and more.

X-Cut Section
For special applications, Conoptica offers the possibility to inspect cross-sections of various products, like shaped wire, rings, machined parts etc. This module is special in that it requires a special objective to be installed in the Conoptica measurement system. This objective is of type ‘Brightfield’, as opposed to the normal objectives used in the

CU11/CU6/CU4 systems. (The CU20 uses Brightfield technology only.)


Diameter Range
Minimum diameter: 0.800 mm (2.126 in)
Maximum diameter: 54.000 mm (0.0315 in)

Max Casing Size
Diameter: 75 mm (3.0 in)
Height: 160 mm (6.3 in)
Weight: 10.0 kg

Please contact us for accuracy details.


As a special option, the CU20 can be delivered as a diameter/ovality only system. This means that it is delivered without the rotating axis. This simplified version will have limitations in applicable software modules.

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