Conoptica has been a supplier of measurement instruments to the wire & cable industry for more than 20 years. We are currently the #1 provider of quality control for all kinds of drawing dies.

Image portraying a working machine tool

Conoptica has delivered camera based, on board measurement equipment for the machine tool industry since 2010, with a focus on delivering accurate, robust equipment for measurements.

Conoptica supplies a wide range of products to improve the productivity and quality in the die and mold industry. Products ranging from on board cameras inside machine tools, to offline quality control systems.

Conoptica supplies market leading measurement systems for tire cord manufacturers. The on board tool and work piece measurement solutions can also improve productivity, quality and help automate work shops.

Conoptica supplies a wide range of solutions ranging from quality control in production of syringe needles, implants/prosthesis, and dental implants.

Conoptica provides versatile solutions to help watch and jewelry manufacturers achieve higher productivity while retaining precision and appearance.