Conoptica products used in the medical industry

Conoptica products can be used for numerous applications within the medical industry.

When drawing tubes for medical syringes, you need good control over your tube dies and plugs. Drawing Die System combined with CU11S will give you full control over your drawing dies. Check incoming dies before they enter production, and make sure you check them before they get too worn.



The dental implant industry is facing larger demands for productivity and the highest quality. CU2 Track and Automated Flexible Caliper can help you achieve targeted quality control in critical part of your measurement process. The in line camera system is fully integrated with your machine, and can automatically document every single implant that comes though your production line.



The production of implants can require high demands for surface quality, and take a heavy toll on milling tools. Using CU2 Tool to check the position, geometry and wear of your milling tools before the start milling could significantly improve your quality and productivity. CU2 Tool is integrated with your machine, and all measurements are performed automatically by the CNC.