Solutions for automotive industry

The automotive industry includes a very wide range of processes. Conoptica supplies measurement products that can assist several of these market segments.


Drawing steel wire for tire cords demands throughput and minimum downtime on your machines. The process is also wearing down drawing dies at a high rate. Conoptica CU6 or CU11 products can help you check the drawing dies from your supplier before you setup your production line. It will also be a indispensable tool if you are re-polishing worn down dies in your own die shop.

The automotive industry is full of examples of highly specialized milling, honing, turning, or boring machines that does specific jobs with high throughput. If you use milling tools (or similar tools), CU2 Tool will help you ensure your tools are of top quality, and make sure your machine knows the exact position of these tools.


The CU2 Track Automated Custom Caliper can help you integrate and fully automate a camera based measurement process in any of your machines that requires high demand for measurement or documentation.