About Conoptica


Conoptica has been providing high tech camera based measurement solutions for the metal working industry since the 1993. We make sure that the metal working industry has access to key quantitative data about their products and tools. Conoptica is the market leader for measurement equipment in the wire & cable industry. We are working to create a generation shift for inline measurement equipment in the machine tool industry.

Numerous improvements and market adaptations to both the CU2 Tool and CU2 Track products.


Conoptica adds full integrations towards all the major CNC system providers.


The second sensor product CU2 Track is launched to the world wide market.


The first sensor product CU2 Tool is launched to the world wide market.
Conoptica develops the sensor products CU2 Tool and CU2 Track.
Conoptica starts developing a sensor technology called CU2 for the purpose of early production control of machine tools.
Conoptica combines the 3D-outline software platform with new innovative Finger-Patch solutions, teach-in Recipes, and Part-Relations.
Conoptica starts to invest heavily in R&D:
  • expands the product range within the wire and cable industry,
  • develops a software platform for the machining industry in general,
  • more than 50 man-years are then invested into the software platform alone.
1995 – 2000: 
Die Profiler, based on innovative 3D-outline solutions, is successful in the world wide market.
1992 – 1995: 
The company develops the product Die Profiler for the wire and cable industry.
1985 – 1992: 
Conoptica acts as a consultant in optical instrumentation for 40-50 companies and research institutes.
Jan. 1985: 
The company is founded by Dr. Ing. Gudmund Slettemoen.