For the Wire & Cable Industry

Quality starts with Conoptica

Meet the Market Leader in Advanced Drawing Die Measurement

For 25 years Conoptica has supplied the wire & cable industry with advanced measurement technology.

Our instruments contribute to major earnings for the drawing die manufacturers and wire drawing companies alike by providing essential data for the users to obtain:

  • reduced wire/rod breakages and production halts
  • increased drawing speed
  • reduced die cost
  • increased die life
  • fewer «bad» dies going to the drawing machines
  • less dies on stock necessary
  • low cost high accuracy sample control instead of multiple lower accuracy in-line control
  • less operator skill/cost required less time spent on die ordering and negotiations,


Product Range

We offer products ranging from the simple, no-nonsense diameter measurement system CU4 to the most complete system on the market today, our flagship CU11S.

The object size (diameter, cross-section) range can vary from 0.010 mm (0.00059 in) up to 56.00 mm (2.126 in).

With a Conoptica System you can measure round and shaped drawing dies as well as needles, wire samples, tube plugs and more.


See our range of measurement systems:

The CU11 Series

Our most advanced systems for full bearing asymmetry measurements.

The CU6 Series

The affordable alternative for profile measurements.

The CU20

For the big dies and large diameters

The CU4

Easy and accurate diameter measurement.