Shaped Die Applications

Optically measures both the shape and the depth profile of the inner die

Measure Drawing Dies of Any Shape

With the Shaped Die Applications, drawing dies of almost any shape can be measured. We use the same model-based measurement algorithms as the Drawing Die Applications, but in the Shaped Die Applications its full power is released. The geometry of the die cross-section can be described in detail in the Model Creator and saved as a standard model for later use. A vast number of Parameters Of Interest (POIs) are then available to provide data on every part imaginable of the die.

Conoptica offers two Shaped Die Applications; one for 3D- and one for 2D measurements. In addition to advanced 2D cross-section analysis, the 3D version can provide depth profile data (bearing lengths and reduction cone angles) in any point around the die.

Compatible systems

Shape 3D:
CU11 Series

Shape 2D:
CU6 Series
CU20 (in 2D configurations)


Standard features include:
Basic Measurement Panel, Model Creator and Advanced Panels

Optional features:
Contour Presenter: See measured deviations from nominal values along the die. Easily inspect critical details and «difficult» corners.


Measurement of arbitrary shapes may sometimes present challenges with respect to optical resolution. This is especially important when measuring curves with very small radius on large shape dies. If such limitations are met, Conoptica can usually provide alternative models for measuring the «problematic» parts independently, using larger magnifications and thereby obtain reliable measurements of curves with radius less than 0.010 mm. If you have such challenges, contact us and we will help you find a good solution.

How to make a model and measure?

Take a look at the demo

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