The CU11 Series

The CU11 Series

- When Perfect is the Only Option

With the CU11 series Conoptica is breaking new ground in the field of drawing die measurement. For the first time, it is possible to produce an objective bearing asymmetry measurement. Up to now the only option has been to use a microscope with a skilled operator to assess whether the bearing was symmetric or not. With the CU11 series, operators have access to both inclination and variation data, a feature unique to the Conoptica CU11.

Bearing Asymmetry

In the ideal world, the bearing of the drawing die is a perfect cylinder, with straight sides and parallel top and bottom. The real situation is usually a different story, as the bearing can be inclined, have variation in the length around the die, or a combination of the two. With the CU11 you will be able to measure these parameters, and thereby gain new knowledge of your production process – whether you’re drawing wire or manufacturing drawing dies.

Choose your capacity

Some customers measure many dies per day, others measure fewer. We now offer the CU11 in 3 different versions to match the differences in required capacity, all with the same accuracy and range specifications. In addition to the regular CU11, customers can also choose the CU11X or the CU11S.

While the CU11 is already providing fast and accurate measurements, the CU11X is 50% faster, while the CU11S is 100% faster than the CU11X. This means that when using a CU11S, a full 3D Bearing Asymmetry measurement can be made faster than a  single profile measurement on a regular CU11! The implications for the CU11S user are that full control of the 3D profile asymmetry has become a practical tool for everyday use.


Drawing Die Profile
Enables complete geometry measurement of round drawing dies. The module offers the standard Diameter, Ovality, Bearing Length and Reduction Cone Angle and the Bearing Asymmetry parameters Variation and Inclination.

Shaped Die Profile
The fully flexible module for measuring none-round drawing dies. Includes a model generator to enable measuring a large number of parameters on drawing dies of nearly any geometry. The model generator accepts CAD drawings to enable faster creation of new measurement models. Both 2D cross-section as well as 3D profile measurements can be measured. Profiles can be measured arbitrarily anywhere on the shaped die.

Enameling Die
Specially adapted to measure the typical geometry of enameling dies, this module is useful for accurate 2D and 3D measurements of such dies.

Wire, Pin & Needle
Fast and simple 2D measurement of wire samples, pins, needle angles etc. Useful for verification of grinding needle angles, sampling drawn wire and more.

X-Cut Section
For special applications, Conoptica offers the possibility to inspect cross-sections of various products, like shaped wire, rings, machined parts etc. This module is special in that it requires a special objective to be installed in the Conoptica measurement system. This objective is of type ‘Brightfield’, as opposed to the normal objectives used in the
CU11/CU6/CU4 systems. (The CU20 uses Brightfield technology only.)


Diameter Range
Minimum diameter: 0.020 mm (0.00079 in)
Maximum diameter: 7.000 mm (0.27559 in)

Max Casing Size
Diameter: 55 mm (2.16 in)
Height: 30 mm (1.18 in)
Weight: 0.300 kg

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