For the Machine Tool Industry

Quality starts in Norway

High precision measurements for your tools and workpieces

Conoptica provides measurement solutions for machine tools. We strive to deliver the most accurate equipment for measurement of both workpieces and tools.

The devices are all made to be tightly integrated into the machine tools, and we support integration to all most major NCs. Our goal is to deliver equipment that can assist in automating and increase the performance of any machine.

We provide a range of product for different machine tools:

For your inline toolsetting needs. The CU2 Tool is your way to rich, reliable and precise knowledge of your tools.

Why settle for less than the full picture?

illustration for CU2 Tool - Turning

CU2 Tool – Turning is the optimal solution for saving cost on automated and validated setups and to win contracts by increasing performance.

CU2 Track

Check the workpiece while it still can be improved. The CU2 Track Wire EDM grants the Wire EDM machine features of a CMM while your workpiece is still fixed inside your machine.

CU2 Track

The CU2 Track is a flexible measuring device that can fitted into any kind of machine providing you with reliable information from your workpieces while the part are still in the machine.