CU2 Tool – Turning

Contact free, sub-micron insert inspection inside your machine.

Camera based insert measurement

CU2 Tool – Turning is the next logical step for the CU2 Tool and its ground-breaking tool measurement technology. By using proven mechanical solutions and applying a decade of experience in inline and in-process measurements, Conoptica has created a total solution for non-contact tool control inside the machine.

Replacing removable microscopes and contact solutions, the CU2 Tool gives the machine-tool user a practical, fully automated solution. The CU2 Tool supplies the user with sub-micron 6σ X and Z positions and radius, even for diamond tools and CBN.

Taking advantage of seeing the insert and its angle makes it possible for the CU2 Tool to catch setup errors, preventing costly mistakes. It also makes it possible to analyze the insert edge to give accurate information about its waviness.

The CU2 Tool – Turning technology is fantastic news for people who makes precision turning parts, and wants maximum precision, less scrap and an error free setup. 

WHAT: Camera based insert measurement

Camera based measurements makes it possible to have context while measuring. The camera can «see» the tool. Ignoring dirt, warning about erroneous tool table data, judging waviness and positions taps into this potential. Every pixel is a data point, allowing us to study millions of them to deliver repeatable results in seconds.

WHY: Quick, reliable, automated and error-free setup

With camera based insert measurements you can have it all. Quick, automated and reliable, all in the same time. Processes that are quicker and produces less scrap gives workshops a clear advantage over their competitors. The increased reliability and accuracy allows the machine tool user to deliver superior results and win contracts.

Opposed to competing technology the CU2 Tool is camera based and contact less, which means that it can measure all inserts, including PCD and MCD inserts, it is also made to stay inside the machine, so there is no need to move it in and out of the machine, adding setup time and room for error.

HOW: Integration

The CU2 Tool is built to endure the environment of the turning machine. Requiring no movements to measure, and with a large view of field to see the defining features of the insert, it is perfect for giving accurate readings of the machine. While microscopes cannot handle the rough environment and need to be removed and refocused for each use. The CU2 Tool – Turning becomes an integral part of the machine. And its contact-less properties makes it a superior choice to touch probes in both accuracy and versatility.

Image showing the protective features of the CU2 Tool.
Image showing the configurable connector backpack.