CU2 Track | Automated Custom Caliper

Camera based track measurement

The CU2 Track is a versatile measuring device. With its small size and even smaller backlight, it is possible to fit the CU2 Track into any machine for custom measuring operations. Since it is integrated in the machine it allows communication between the measurement equipment and the machine, making it possible make complex measurements.

The CU2 Track has many abilities:

  • Geometry measurments,
  • Fingerpatch measurement
  • Z-distance measurements
  • Scan complex contours
  • Compare measurements against DXF or gather the parameters you are most interested in.

WHAT:Custom camera based measurements

Camera based measurements offers non-contact, submicron accuracy, fully automated measurements. Conoptica can create custom measurment solutions for specialized high volume applications.

WHY:Fast, contact free and accurate measurements within your machine

Place your measurement equipement where the part is processed. Allow for easy and automated QA and be able to rework the parts while they are still mounted in the machine. With the automated custom caliper solution for the CU2 Track it is possible to move high end measurement equipment within your machine.

HOW: Describe, project and execute

Plan the solution with our experienced application engineers, and get a solution that fits your needs. With our customisable software package it is possible to quickly customize and deploy a solution so you can harvest the benefits of high quality measurement equipment within your machines.
If you later need to expand or modify the solution our team is prepared to help you in any way possible.

Image portraying a working machine tool


Fingerpatch measurements can allow for extremely accurate positioning solutions, with a repeatability of 0.04µm.

Backlight contouring solutions allows the CU2 Track to trace cuts without any guides, building up data that can either be checked for tolerance or be manually inspected.

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