CU2 Track | Wire-EDM

Camera based workpiece measurement

The CU2 Tool – WireEDM product enables the wire edm user to verify workpiece quality and integrity while still holding the key to improving it – The workpiece is still in the machine.

For accurate cutting of workpieces the EDM process must be tuned. Conopticas CU2 Track are the perfect tool for this. Cut – adjust – recut.

Measuring geometries, z measurement or giving form deviation are all possible inline either by automation or manually by using the visual interface as aid.

WHAT: Camera based workpiece measurement.

– Geometry measurements (Edges, holes, cylinders, arcs)
– Z position measurements
– Form deviation
– Measurment reports

WHY:Tune, document and recut while still possible.

Tune your process more efficiently while the workpiece are in the machine.

HOW: Integrated backlit camera measurements.

The CU2 Track was built to be integrated with the Wire-EDM machine. The backlit illumination allows the machine itself to measure the cut with the presicion of a high end CMM.

The CU2 Track

Picture of the CU2 Track with Backlight

Additional notes

The CU2 Track for Wire EDM comes with two magnifications: The M56 and M158. The senor has a working distance of 55mm and needs a mandatory backlight at aproximately 75mm away from the workpiece.

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