Wire & Cable

The wire & cable industry

The Conoptica systems perform optical production and quality control of tools and products in the wire and cable industry such as:


Conoptica sets the standard of top quality measurement for the wire and cable industry, and have been providing measurement systems for this industry since 1994. The instruments provided by Conoptica are essential equipment for all wire drawing die manufacturers and in all wire drawing processes consuming a lot of dies. Conoptica are experts in drawing die measurements, and can give you all the information you need about your most important production tools.


These systems contribute to major earnings for the tool makers and wire drawing companies by obtaining:

  • Reduced wire/rod breakages and production halts
  • Increased drawing speed
  • Reduced tool cost
  • Increased tool life
  • Fewer «bad» tools going to the drawing machines
  • Less tools on stock necessary
  • Low cost high accuracy sample control instead of multiple lower accuracy in-line control
  • Less operator skill/cost required
  • Less time spent on tool ordering and negotiations