Image portraying a working machine tool

Conopticas contribution to the milling industry

Conopticas vision is to provide the metalworking industry with camera-based measurement equipment that can provide quantitative data for their tools and their workpieces.

The metalworking industry is always pushed to their limits for productivity, faced with small margins and short deadlines. The CU2 Tool is Conopticas answer to such problems. For the milling industry, the CU2 Tool can provide accurate information about their tools. Helping the industry to cut their cost by estimating wear, and preventing scrap.


Faced with the demand for workpieces with less than 4.0µm errors, quality assurance has been a must even when we know that the machine can provide the accuracy we need. The CU2 Tool provides measurement results that we can trust 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the combination of a reliable machine tool and reliable measurements it has been possible to trim the QA in favor of higher productivity.


While milling machines improve their performance and the tools quality improve, reliable measurement of the tools is critical. A machine that can deliver microns in precision isn’t living up to its value unless it is paired with measurement equipment that can deliver reliable information about the tools in real, working environments.