Machine Tool

Image portraying a working machine tool

Camera-based measurements inside you machine tool

In 2010 Conoptica released the first series of small camera-based measurement products for use inside machine tools. The new range of products draws on our extensive experience from the wire & cable industry. Conoptica has continued working to improve and optimize the next generation of measurement technology inside machine tools ever since.

There are a few myths about using camera-based measurement devices inside machine tools. One of these myths is that these «complex and delicate» devices cannot withstand the harsh environment in these machines. Conoptica has designed products proven to work in challenging conditions with water, oil, chips, high temperatures, electrical noise, and mechanical stress.

CU2 Tool is a camera tool setter used in high-end milling machine tools. It measures the milling tool while rotating in the spindle at the intended speed. CU2 Tool is fully integrated with most CNC systems and can operate 100% autonomously.

With the new CU2 Tool – Turning, measurement of inserts inside turning centres is possible. Camera-based insert measurements allow for market-leading insert position and geometry control. As with the standard CU2 Tool, you will benefit from an autonomous, integrated, measurement device made to be mounted permanently in the machine.

CU2 Track for Wire-EDM measures workpieces inside EDM-machines. It provides the extreme accuracy of high-end CMMs inside your EDM machine at a fraction of the cost. CU2 Track measure your workpiece without removing it from the EDM-machine.

In-process measurement enables the user to do recuts when the piece is out of tolerance, cutting costs on scrap considerable. The ability to store measurements, also allows for easy documentation of each workpieces without adding additional steps in your process.

The Automated Custom Caliper is a software suite that enables you to use CU2 Track to measure workpiece geometries inside any machine tool. The software is extremely flexible and enables the product to tailored to almost any kind of measurement inside machine tools.