Die & Mold

Measurement solutions for Die & Mold manufacturers

Conoptica has several products for the die and mold manufacturers. Ranging from turn key systems for inspecting finished products, to inline systems for process control.

If you make wire drawing dies, tube drawing dies, or extrusion dies, the Conoptica CU6, CU11, and CU20 products can help you to inspect both the shape of your die and the inner geometry of the dies. Full control of bearings and reduction cones are critical for successful die manufacturing.


Using milling machine tools for die and mold production requires the utmost quality from both your machine tool and your milling tools. CU2 Tool will help you control the exact position, geometry, run-out and wear of your milling tool while mounted in the spindle and rotating at full speed. Good quality tools, exact dimensions,  and correct positioning will help you achieve good quality products.