CU20 Upgrade Campaign – New Goliath, Re-aligned Optics

Is your old Goliath worn and tired after many years of use? Now we’re running a CU20 upgrade campaign to keep your system running for many more years.

The optics of the CU20 is a complex mix of fixed and movable lenses, lights and mirrors. The past year much work has been done to gain a deeper understanding and to improve this essential part of the system. The result is a new and better procedure for assembly and adjustment that gives significantly better repeatability of the measurements. We now offer re-alignment of the optics of older systems as well.

See the campaign flyer:

CU20 Upgrade Campaign: 
Goliath Replacement - replace your old and worn Goliath and keep your CU20 running for many more years.
Optics Re-alignment: Improve Repeatability of Drawing DIe Measurements.
Special campaign offer until 2021-03-31.

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