CU2 Track

The CU2 Track sensor consists of the sensor head and a computer.

CU2 Track carries out early production control inside machine tools. The sensor head is connected by cables and manually fastened to the spindle or spindle house. It might also be automatically fastenen to the spindle retaining the cable connection. To carry out  measurement cycles the  machine CNC communicates  directly  with CU2 Track.

CU2 Track features 3D position and dimension control of parts inside the machine tool work area like a work piece, pallet, machine parts etc. It also carries out part alignment cycles and relies on an inventive XYZ-measuring technique called Finger-Patch. The Finger-Patch technique ensure sub-micrometer operation.  

The CU2 Track sensor head can be delivered with a range of different working distances and can even be split into an illumination and observation part.

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