Drawing Die System

This system helps increase wire production volume, and improve wire quality and production efficiency. This is obtained by maintaining an inventory of fewer high quality dies with less manpower resulting in:
  • less production halts, 
  • increased drawing speed,
  • improved wire quality,
  • prolonged die life and quality, 
  • and less time spent on internal communication, etc.

The minimum configuration of the Drawing Die System is one software Supervisor and one EO-Frame.

The EO-Frames CU4, CU6, and CU11 cover die hole diameters from 0.01 to 7.0 mm while the EO-Frame CU20 covers die hole diameters from 0.8 to 54.0 mm.

Each of these EO-Frames can be equipped with one or more of the Supervisors, Profile, Diameter and Ovality, and Wire, Pin, and Needle. 

3D Profile Measurement report example:

The available Software Supervisors and Hardware EO-Frames for this system are listed below. 
Please contact Conoptica to learn more about the combination that most effectively meet your needs.